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2 agencies that help your business become more inclusive 
You’ve decided it’s time to have honest conversations and create lasting positive change within your organization but you’re not sure where to start? First of all, congratulations! Taking the plunge and stating that there are elements in our business that would benefit from improvement is already a good thing. To help you in this process,…
6 resources to further your understanding of systemic racism
You have taken the time to watch all of the Making Your Way Up videos on systemic racism and you want to go further? Here are some resources that might be helpful!
How to define your career path?
Defining your career path is a great way to help you set clear goals and assess your career trajectory. This can include things like your education, experience and accomplishments, based on your interests and aspirations. It is important to take time to reflect on your career path and write a clear and concise statement that…
How to survive at work?
Recently, I read a book entitled "Surviving the Workplace - Self-defense Strategies for Minority People" by Marie Dasylva. I personally found several nuggets in it that I have started to apply in my professional life, in my academic career and even in some interpersonal situations. For this article, I had the idea to propose some…
Let’s take a quick look back before we continue our way up
We’re still Making Our Way Up but before we continue, let’s take a beat…a moment to rest and reflect on the gems that have been dropped so far. When it comes to most, if not all things in life, our diversity is our strength. But too often women of color experience discrimination as a result…
Making your way up, The event
On Sunday, October 30th, Making Your Way Up, the online event, took place and we couldn’t be more proud and pleased.  This leadership and capacity building event for Canadian based women of the African and Caribbean diaspora was a series of five inspiring conversations that aimed to share resources, tips and tricks to help…
Reclaiming our time, reclaiming the pen, reclaiming our truths : What would it be like to write our own stories?
What the famous adage, “History is written by the victors,” reveals is that our histories are full of “omissions,” ellipses, which we must unearth so that they finally become “truths.” Thus, when I explore a subject, when I try to break it down, I always commit myself to digging into the story.
Resources for your salary negotiation
Salary negotiation is a real professional sport! The final word always goes to the available budget, but that doesn’t mean that a salary negotiation is not expected, unless otherwise stated, during an interview.
Rihanna Was Right About One Thing, B—- Betta Have My Money
When asked about how best to improve systemic inequity around finances, Folake* one mid-career journalist I spoke to said, “be transparent about pay!” 
Rising Together: Making Your Way Up, the cohort.
A good friend once made a comment to me that sticks with me to this day: "You know, you are surrounded by such inspiring women. You are really lucky". When she told me this, my first instinct was to reply that it was true, I must have been very lucky in my journey to come…
The Essence of Our Beings : An interview with Jeanne-Marie Rugira 
Jeanne-Marie Rugira is a professor in the Department of Psychosociology and Social Work at the Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR). She is the director of the undergraduate programs in psychosociology. She is also a consultant and coach for organizations on issues of inclusiveness, racism and intersectional feminism. 
The Other – How the Minority Deceived the Majority  
We are made of hybridity; of stories of migrations, of rebellious rivers that flow, then embrace seas. 
The reality of entrepreneurship : between freedom and wage gap
Are you someone who has recently quit a job or thought about quitting your job? Maybe you’re looking for something that better caters to you financially? Maybe you’re tired of dealing with the incessant microaggressions you deal with at work? Or maybe you are simply tired of overworking to put more money into someone else’s…
The truth is : the emotional tax is real 
For Alicia Lashley, she always envisioned working a job that would be fulfilling for her. One of the reasons she searched for any and all opportunities that could fulfill her was due to witnessing her parents working 9-5s in their governmental jobs