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Conversation on systemic racism

Spaces of honest conversations to discuss equity, diversity and inclusion.

Conversation 1 : Systemic Racism 101
What is systemic racism, really? This concept is clear to many and still very unclear to others.
Conversation 2 | From Social Determinism to Career Advancement
Joining a golf course is also a way to develop your professional career. This is what Carla explains in this conversation with Michelle. They both discuss professional etiquette, the glass ceiling and pay equity in a refreshingly open manner.
Conversation 3 | Employment Challenges for African and Caribbean Diaspora Women
What is the role of employers in maintaining systemic racism? That’s the question Andy and Aliska answer while breaking down the hiring process and highlighting the importance of self-confidence and salary negotiation in the job market. 
Conversation 4 | Entrepreneurship: A Response to Lack of Representation 
Often presented as the Eldorado of career choices, entrepreneurship still presents many challenges and is not spared from systemic racism. Let’s sit down with Anne-Edma and Josiane, to better understand all this!
Conversation 5 | Deconstructing Perceptions 
The power of representation is very real and necessary for the professional development. In this conversation several tips will be shared to help you better understand the mechanics of moving up the career ladder in spaces where we are a visible minority.
Conversation 6 | Solutions for a more inclusive job market in English too
From the individual to the community, how can we together create healthy spaces where we identify issues and find solutions to achieve a more equitable, diverse and inclusive Canadian labour market?

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