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Resources for your salary negotiation

Salary negotiation is a real professional sport! The final word always goes to the available budget, but that doesn’t mean that a salary negotiation is not expected, unless otherwise stated, during an interview.

To help you determine what salary you should mention in your job interview, we have compiled the following relevant sites:  

The Government of Canada Job Bank 

Indeed’s salary search tool  

The salary search tool

Jobillico’s salary calculator 

Tip: When asked for your salary expectations, give a salary range and not a fixed annual salary.

Once you’ve done your calculations and determined your ideal annual salary, which let’s say is $60,000/year, tell your potential employer that your salary expectations are between (for example): $60,000 – $75,000, and that you remain open to discussion. You never know, maybe their budget goes beyond $60,000, and you will come out a winner in any case of this negotiation!

And if their budget is lower than your request, you should look at the other benefits that this job offers you: medical insurance, dental, spa, promotion, etc.; everything is to be considered on the negotiation table.

The most important thing here is that you dare to ask for a salary that is fair to your skills! 

To learn more about salary negotiation, we recommend that you read this article written by Indeed’s editorial team: How Much of a Raise Should I Ask For? A Helpful Guide.

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