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2 agencies that help your business become more inclusive 

You’ve decided it’s time to have honest conversations and create lasting positive change within your organization but you’re not sure where to start? First of all, congratulations! Taking the plunge and stating that there are elements in our business that would benefit from improvement is already a good thing. To help you in this process, here are 2 organizations that could accompany you in this new equitable, diverse and inclusive adventure!


New Room is a small, agile team of impact and innovation designers focused on human-centred learning and development. 

We blend IDEAS (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Anti-Racism and Social Impact) training with innovation and strategy frameworks to support individuals, teams and organizations in creating transformative change within themselves and their communities. 

With our learning and strategy programs, leaders aren’t just *shown* how to nurture inclusive, innovative spaces, they are *taught* how to do it holistically. he impact of our programs lasts far beyond our engagement with clients as programs are designed to shift the fundamental ways that leaders and teams relate to themselves and each other. 

We believe there is room to imagine new ways of working, connecting and being together. Our programs create room for individuals to become active agents in creating these new dynamics, environments and systems. 


Uena is a social impact agency specializing in governance and community relations. We exist to help organizations redefine how to turn their values into tangible and inclusive actions. 

What we do : 

Inclusive governance 

We support your strategic planning on ethics, responsibility and governance, and offer training enabling you to stand out from the crowd and meet the demands of your target market and audience. 

Impact communications 

We offer innovative, creative and scalable communications solutions that help you engage and communicate with new audiences by embracing diverse perspectives, ideas and approaches.

Mobilizing community relations

We help you increase your impact via collaboration, partnerships and genuine community engagement to propel and promote your organization, projects or campaigns to a new and untapped demographic.

Diversity is a fact and not a phenomenon, it is human and not cultural, it is neither an issue nor a challenge, it simply asks to be recognized.

Agence UENA.

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