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Making your way up, The event

On Sunday, October 30th, Making Your Way Up, the online event, took place and we couldn’t be more proud and pleased. 

This leadership and capacity building event for Canadian based women of the African and Caribbean diaspora was a series of five inspiring conversations that aimed to share resources, tips and tricks to help them better navigate the Canadian job market. After several months of hard work, it finally came to fruition. Through this article, we would like to share with you a little recap of this vibrant day that we loved to organize! 

A space for your wellbeing before your productivity | Un espace pour ton bien-être avant ta productivité

The event kicks off with an invitation to reconnect with our “self” through an online meditation session guided by the beautiful Kim Knight. Educator, strategist and co-founder of “The Villij”, this “rebel” filled with wisdom invites us to question the importance of creating a space for our well-being that is essential to our productivity. 

How to navigate and thrive in the corporate world ? : an honest conversation | Comment naviguer et s’épanouir dans le monde des entreprises ? : une conversation honnête

We then embark on a dynamic conversation between Carla Anide Guillaume, Virginie-Sankara Cantin-Diarra and Amina Kriket who explain how they personally navigate and thrive in the corporate world. For them, the keys to success and fulfillment lie in a deep understanding of our beings, our emotions and our motivations, while adopting a “Fearless” and “Shameless” posture. 

Evolving in the Canadian Arts World: Let’s spill the tea! | Évoluer dans le monde des arts au Canada : Let’s spill the tea!

After this invigorating leap into the corporate world, we land in the flamboyant world of the arts with guests Dj Karaba and Joanna Chevalier. These two women insist on the importance of networking and the importance of creating and representing communities. Indeed, these two passionate women share their love for co-creation which can only help us in our personal and professional journey! 

Let’s talk about social media presence and the importance of a great online personal branding | Parlons de la présence sur les médias sociaux et de l’importance d’une bonne image de marque personnelle en ligne.

We couldn’t have offered you a panel discussion without mentioning this topic: online presence and social media! Indeed, we are noticing a growing shift towards online platforms that are becoming a pillar in the building of our careers. So how do we ensure that we create a personal image that suits us? Our three panelists Anne-Edma LouisTax, Nour El Mohri and Olivia Saïzonou answered this crucial question by focusing on intentionality in the creation of content and in our sharing.

From education, to acceleration, to transmission: What if success had many faces? | De l’éducation, à l’accélération, en passant par la transmission : Et si la réussite avait plusieurs visages ?

We end on a high note with this last discussion that invites us to quietly sow the seeds that will lead us to success. Through their advice, our brilliant panelists, Daniele-Jocelyne Otou and Radia Abdi exhort us to adopt an “unapologetic” posture in the moments when we need to promote ourselves. How to get rid of intrusive negative thoughts? The impostor symptom or self-sabotage? These are all relevant questions that they will answer by sharing their inspiring journey. 

Once again, we would like to thank all those who attended, both the participants, whose online attendance was close to seventy, and the panelists. A special mention goes to the Sayaspora team who made sure this event went smoothly. Of course, all this would not have been possible without the support of our financial partner: Canadian Heritage.

For our entire team, this event was a galvanizing and enriching project. We feel even more empowered in our creativity! Therefore, do not hesitate to follow us on our different networks @Sayaspora in order not to miss the continuation of our activities, which we hope will allow you to acquire tools or simply allow you to spend a pleasant and rejuvenating moment. 


Fatima Terhini describes herself as an artivist primarily concerned with feminist, anti-racist and decolonial issues. Her degree in psychosociology and her experience in community work attest to her insatiable curiosity and love for humans, living beings and of course social issues. Her texts are above all influenced and imprinted by the stories told and lived by the incredible women who preceded her.   

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