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Woman of the diaspora

How to define your career path?

Defining your career path is a great way to help you set clear goals and assess your career trajectory. This can include things like your education, experience and accomplishments, based…

The Essence of Our Beings : An interview with Jeanne-Marie Rugira 

Jeanne-Marie Rugira is a professor in the Department of Psychosociology and Social Work at the Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR). She is the director of the undergraduate programs in psychosociology. She is also a consultant and coach for organizations on issues of inclusiveness, racism and intersectional feminism. 

The truth is : the emotional tax is real 

For Alicia Lashley, she always envisioned working a job that would be fulfilling for her. One of the reasons she searched for any and all opportunities that could fulfill her was due to witnessing her parents working 9-5s in their governmental jobs

Resources for your salary negotiation

Salary negotiation is a real professional sport! The final word always goes to the available budget, but that doesn’t mean that a salary negotiation is not expected, unless otherwise stated, during an interview.